abears-5461Through dramatic storytelling, an integrated five-person chorus, an immersive projection design, and a thrilling accompanying sound-scape, Bears features a wide range of top Edmonton talent. Sterling award winning actor and former rig worker Sheldon Elter carries this show. Supporting Floyd on his journey, transforming into the animals, people, and even elements he encounters, will be a chorus of five performers, choreographed by co-Artistic Director of Edmonton’s Good Women Dance Collective Ainsley Hillyard. Underscoring Floyd’s journey will be an original soundscape by Dean Musani AKA DJ Phatcat, well-known in the Edmonton’s electronic music scene, while critically acclaimed composer Bryce Kulak’s imaginative songs will punctuate the piece. Erin Gruber’s environmental design will transport winter weary Edmonton audiences into a summer scape.
Starring – Sheldon Elter
Featuring – Bryce Kulak, Alida Nyquist-Schultz, Krista Posyniak, Kate Stashko, Anastasia Maywood, Aimee Rushton and Lianna Makuch
Movement Designer – Ainsley Hillyard
Environmental Designer – T. Erin Gruber (ShowStages collective)
Associate Environmental Designer – Joel Adria (ShowStages collective)
Composer and Lyricist – Bryce Kulak
Electronic Sound Designer – Dean Musani AKA DJ Phatcat
Stage Manager – Rachel Dawn Woods
Consulting Director – Patrick Lundeen
Costume Designer – Sydney Gross
Director of Community Engagement – Heather MacKeznie


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