Mary Poppins


ShowStages Designer T. Erin Gruber & Projection Technologist Joel Adria collaborated on The Globe Theatre’s (Regina) production of Mary Poppins. Created in The Globe’s unique in-the-round performance space, the 4-projector video system created unique ways to bring magic to the intimate space. ShowStages also provided the full video equipment rental for the production.

Local News Coverage of T. Erin Gruber’s design.

Creative Team
Director: Ruth Smillie
Choreographer: Stephanie Graham
Musical Director: Anthony Bastianon
Set and Costume Designer: Roger Schultz
Lighting and Projection Designer: T. Erin Gruber
Assistant Director: Josh Ramsden
Stage Manager: Kathryn Ball
Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica Freundl
Apprentice Stage Manager: Melanie Vovchuk
Projection Technologist: Joel Adria


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