“I found myself mesmerized by Adria…I was blown-away by the cool stuff they were doing.”
Terah Jans


If you saw a new musical called Poof! earlier this season — kick yourself if you didn’t — you’ve had the out-of-body experience of settling your butt into a red plush seat in a vintage vaudeville house in the river valley, then getting whisked magically through the rooms of a witch’s grand old mansion.
Liz Nicholls

Haunted Reel

“There’s ingenuity at work here, in this movie/theatre hybrid, and an intriguingly spooky proposition.”

–Liz Nicholls


“But by far the wow factors of the production were the projections courtesy of Production Designer Erin Gruber. I don’t think I’ve ever seen design and video used so extraordinarily and comprehensively in a show. From perfect scenery referencing to actual interaction with the performers to visual representation of sounds to simple mood setting I was totally transfixed by what was happening on-screen”

–Jessica Goldman


“The minimalist set is used to its full potential, accented with animated illustrations that further aid the movement occurring onstage, culminating into a delight for the eyes and imagination.”

–Meaghan Baxter