Episode 3: Kim McCaw

This week’s podcast sits Elijah and Erin down with Kim McCaw, Director of the Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation. They continue their discussion on DELETE, drawing attention to the role of CCTC in expanding new work, and Kim’s role as dramaturg of the project.


  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:05 CCTC’s role in DELETE
  • 03:40 Sharing work in virtual space
  • 09:11 Going from zero to first draft in two workshops flat
  • 12:07 The role of the dramaturg in new work.
  • 16:35 “This was not a show, it was a chance to see what we’d done over a week”
  • 19:25 On anticipating and facilitating the needs of new work.
  • 22:30 The advantages of a two phased workshop process
  • 24:32 Creating lighting “looks” vs projected media spaces.
  • 28:18 Dedicating time for projected media.
  • 29:03 “If you intend to fly the angel, please add a week to your tech period.”
  • 31:40 If you could do it all again?

Kim McCaw Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation, Twitter

Hosted by Elijah Lindenberger and T. Erin Gruber

Episode 2: Patrick Finn

This week’s podcast sits ShowStages’ Erin Gruber down with Patrick Finn, an Instructor of Drama at the University of Calgary. Patrick speaks at length about the Cube, his department’s current experiment in media and performance, and considers the issues created by branding technological resources as “New” when living in a post digital world.

  • 00:00 Introductions and the Digital Revolution.
  • 00:58 “New Media” isn’t New.
  • 03:33 Tyranny of the “New” and technological prejudice.
  • 04:40 The Cube, a sustainable and collaborative performance apparatus.
  • 08:45 “We’re hoping to make a lot of very huge mistakes which other people can learn from.”
  • 10:15 Facilitating discovery through University based research.
  • 11:55 The Online Global Community
  • 14:03 Exchanging computer code for Shakespeare homework.
  • 15:07 Final Thoughts

Patrick Finn
University of Calgary http://drama.ucalgary.ca/profiles/patrick-finn
Loving Communication at TEDxYYC http://youtu.be/l_8n0gLmL9M

Hosted By, T. Erin Gruber http://www.eringruber.com

Episode 1: Stefan Dzeparoski

This week’s Show Stages Podcast sits the collective down with Stefan Dzeparoski MA MFA and director of DELETE, a multimedia workshop performance which took place during the Stage Lab Festival at University of Alberta August 27, 2012.

For DELETE, Show Stages’ own Erin Gruber and Joel Adria served as media designer and media consultant respectively. In this podcast, together with Stefan, they share their insights into DELETE and the ramifications of “new” media.

  • 02:42 “DELETE is essentially an intimate and personal story that takes place inside the mind of a man who is trapped in a web of internet and social networking.”
  • 04:09 Media, Intimacy, and McLuanisms.
  • 08:58 Intimate Spectacle and Storytelling.
  • 16:41 “You have 100 friends on Facebook and you know 5 people.”
  • 20:36 Can we reconsider old work with new media?
  • 28:10 Punk Rock vs Professionalism, DIY Theatre and the threat of failure.
  • 36:00 Cinematic Theatre and the subjective audience.
  • 44:45 “We do not have a way to relate to something perfect.”
  • 45:40 Final Comments.

In our next Podcast we will be interviewing DELETE Dramaturg Kim McCaw on his role in DELETE and as the head of the Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation, which sponsored the project.

Stefan Dzeparoski http://www.stefandzeparoski.com
Joel Adria http://jole.ca
T. Erin Gruber http://www.eringruber.com
DELETE http://www.drama.ualberta.ca/en/StageLab%20Festival%202012/DELETE.aspx
Hosted by Elijah Lindenberger